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“Nick Benoit showcases his newly  opened Benoit's Bakery & Wine  Cellar on the backside of Benoit's  Farm Stand on outer Lisbon Street,  just across the Lisbon line.  Along with pastries, the store offers  fudge, wine, cheese and artisan  breads.” ABOUT BENOIT’S When Nick Benoit started the Bakery  and Wine Cellar,he wanted to create  a great classic feel combined with a nostalgic atmosphere while  maintaining the functionality needed to service the fast paced  lifestyles of its customers. With a huge selection of baked  goods, wines and extended services,  see for yourself why more and  more people are choosing  Benoit’s Bakery and Wine Cellar. From SUN JOURNAL Our trained staff are dedicated  to providing only the best pastries  and baked goods. They take pride  in their kitchen creations and  know that you will enjoy them too. Come see and taste the difference  for yourself. You will be glad you did. Read More OUR TEAM ABOUT US